Three Ways to Grow Your P-Card Program Through Compliance

You chose to use purchasing cards (P-Cards) for your company’s expenditures, and it’s been the right choice. Now, you’d like to take full advantage of all that P-Cards can do for your business. You’re ready to see your P-Card program grow. And yet, despite your efforts and desires, it’s not.

Compliance is the Key to Growth

Have you looked at how your program deals with compliance? You might have related processes that are standing in the way of your program’s growth. In order to clear the path to successful growth, here are three ways Card Integrity can help your business keep compliance in check.

Spend Less Time Reviewing and More Time on Data Analysis

Reviews are necessary, but should your company be the one to do them? Where would your efforts be better directed? Which tasks should stay within the business? And which can be delegated to an independent third party such as Card Integrity?

If you want your P-Card program to grow, your business’s priority should be data analysis. Specifically, you need to focus on the data that identifies high-risk, questionable behavior on the part of cardholders.

To free up your in-house resources, hand off the transaction reviews to Card Integrity. We’ll take the results of your data analysis and apply them to every review. You’ll receive a monthly report, revealing just how well your P-Card is doing overall in terms of compliance.

Keep in mind that as the number of P-Card holders grow, so will the number of transactions that need to be reviewed. That growth puts a strain on your internal workforce. In contrast, Card Integrity handles up to five million transactions per client. You concentrate on compliance. We’ll concentrate on reviews. As a result, you’ll encourage growth and reduce its burden at the same time.

Hand Over Communication of Data Findings

Data analysis is a powerful resource. But your findings won’t mean a thing if they aren’t communicated to the parties who need that information and will put it to work to promote growth. Communicating your data findings to your departments is an important next step.

However, just because communication is important doesn’t mean that your company has to be directly responsible. Card Integrity provides communication of data findings as one of its many services. By using Card Integrity to communicate your data, you release your P-Card program of yet another duty that needn’t fall on preoccupied personnel.

Delegate training of new cardholders.

P-Card program growth equals new cardholders. But if you want compliance within your P-Card program to continue — and if you want the program to continue to grow with as few glitches possible — your new cardholders need to be trained properly in an efficient manner.

To avoid this particular growing pain, delegate the training of all your new cardholders to Card Integrity. Our training educates your employees on your program’s specific policies and procedures, which is built using your all-important data. To ensure full compliance and introduce any newly developed standards, we design training for your current cardholders as well.

Of course, if training doesn’t happen in a quick, efficient manner, its usefulness to the program is diminished. To make its training programs as effective and convenient as possible, Card Integrity takes full advantage of computer technology. All courses are online and include functions such as testing, attendance tracking, and the ability to sign off on documents. You’ll know who’s been trained, who hasn’t been, and if your policies and procedures are being understood and fully implemented.

Prioritize Focus for Achievable Growth

P-Card program growth isn’t just desirable, it’s achievable. Concentrate on compliance, and leave the “heavy lifting” of reviews, communication, and training to Card Integrity. A cleared path to compliance, allows for program growth to commence, quickly and easily. Give your P-Card program the chance to grow successfully. Call Card Integrity at 630-501-1507 or contact us via our website

Discover More Tips

Our new eGuide, “Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence”, provides information on how to identify excellent and harmful purchasing behaviors with green and red flags, as well as the best ways to follow up to continue to promote positive purchasing behavior. Customizable print and easy-to-distribute digital certificates for responsible cardholders are also included in the download. Our detailed guide is broken down into 6 distinct categories.

   – Red Flags: Identifying Bad Cardholder Purchasing Behavior
   – Green Flags: Identifying Good Cardholder Behavior
   – 3 Ways to Give Kudos: Promoting Compliance with Positive
   – Let’s Talk: The Importance of Transparency and Communication
   – Discover Solutions
   – BONUS! Customizable print and easy-to-distribute digital
     certificates templates for responsible cardholders

With actionable solutions, this guide has valuable tips and advice on specific green flags that can strengthen your internal controls and processes. To download your copy of the eGuide please fill out the provided form, and a link to a PDF copy of the eGuide will be made available to you.

Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence
certificates templates for responsible cardholders
certificates templates for responsible cardholders
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