Is there a tool to install and maintain expense monitoring?

Card Integrity’s Data-Wise monitoring service is equipped with an in-house tool for data analysis and reporting. There is no implementation or tool maintenance for customers.

Will my IT team need to get involved with the Data-Wise service?

No IT involvement is necessary. The Data-Wise service is equipped to give customers a full-service experience without the hassle.

Is Card Integrity a credit card issuer?

No, Card Integrity does not issue cards to businesses. However, Card Integrity provides monitoring of expenses on credit cards such as Purchasing Cards, T&E Cards, or Fleet/Fuel Cards for organizations with established card programs.

Does Card Integrity comply with HECVAT, The Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit?

To learn more about HECVAT compliance for Card Integrity, please complete the following form to have your security questions answered by a Card Integrity representative.

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