Spend analysis equips procurement professionals with comprehensive reporting of spend to gather insights. Spend data insights lead to possible next steps to optimize the procurement process. Whether looking for compliance or a better way to streamline the review of spend data, Card Integrity services provide an organized approach to managing the increasing size and complexity of spend data.

Scalable, Advanced Analytics
Ready to Detect.

Card Integrity data monitoring services use advanced analytics and the support of a dedicated forensic team to bring efficiencies and visibility to your program.

Aggregated Spend Data

With automation comes an increase in the amounts of data collected. The Card Integrity monitoring services help bring together your spend data from a variety of sources, including ERPs, bank data, or out-of-pocket expenses.

Customized Reporting

The DataWISE reporting is a custom-built solution around your policy to bring visibility to the data, allowing for greater opportunities to identify spend patterns and trends.

Advanced Analytics

Card Integrity’s in-house advanced analytics tool monitors 100% of spend data to provide you with a scalable solution to ever-increasing amounts of data.

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