When financial leaders and managers continue to find ways to control costs there is more than cost savings that can result. Finance teams and procurement professionals who embrace advanced technology have a leading edge in mitigating risks, saving resources and time. Whether your corporation is a Global 2000 company or a mid-sized business, these types of results have the potential to also drive innovation and growth.

Discover the possibilities of cost control with Card Integrity’s DataWISE.

Corporate spending can get out of control without the right measures in place. Card Integrity’s flagship service, DataWISE, helps leading manufacturers to bring visibility to expenses with these goals in mind.

Policy Compliance

DataWISE monitors expenses to detect red flags in the transactions. Reporting is based on your policies to aid finance teams in mitigating financial risks.

Process Efficiencies

Financial and procurement managers will appreciate how Card Integrity expense monitoring takes no time to implement a tool or to aggregate spend data.

Program Growth

When spend visibility is at the forefront the data insights can help to drive program growth and innovation.

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