Hospitals, assisted living, managed healthcare, medical equipment providers, and pharmaceutical firms share a common goal when it comes to expense management. Healthcare sectors care about controlling costs. With continued compliance, process efficiencies, and maximizing resources, financial leaders have a window of opportunity to reach this financial goal.

Expense monitoring helps healthcare finance teams reach financial goals.

DataWISE, the Card Integrity expense monitoring service, supports the financial health of organizations by bringing transparency to the forefront of expense usage.

Compliance Counts

Compliance is an essential control to protect purchases from getting out of hand. Healthcare Management needs to know that the purchases made by employees follow policy. Card Integrity’s solutions customize reporting and communication with your policies in mind.

A Savings-Driven Process

An efficient expense review process is a cost and time-saving one. Finance teams can quickly find noncompliant spend with Card Integrity expense monitoring and save hours from routinely reviewing thousands of transactions.

Optimized Use of Resources

Using resources to their full potential without sacrificing quality of a review, that is what is possible when expense monitoring is taken to the next level. Card Integrity maximizes the use of resources by alleviating some of the more routine tasks from managers.

Cost control is an ever-changing goal. By investing in a service that will monitor your daily transactions, your finance team will receive the reporting capabilities it depends on to gain transparency in the expense data – no matter how much the spend shifts.

See the difference and the possibilities in your expense data. Connect with a Card Integrity representative to schedule an online demonstration today.

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