March is National Procurement Month

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The month of March is known as National Procurement Month and is dedicated to honoring purchasing professionals in public and private sectors. Let’s take this opportunity to recognize and appreciate all the work that is accomplished by procurement. Card Integrity will contribute by sharing some of the most important P-Card best practices connected to card management and procurement. Spread your recognition of procurement by sharing this article with a colleague.

7 P-Card Best Practices connected to Purchasing / Procurement role

  •  Assign Purchasing the responsibility of overseeing the P-Card program.
  • Identify “preferred suppliers” and communicate who they are to cardholders and managers (in order to better utilize corporate partners).
  • Review P-Card spend to ensure that preferred suppliers are being used.
  • Allow purchasing to have consistent access to the P-Card program (to best leverage supplier negotiations).
  • Set up and utilize ghost cards with key preferred suppliers.
  • Track and manage cardholders that do not use the ghost cards.
  • Use an eProcurement Portal tied to a ghost card or ePayables for key suppliers.

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Discover More Tips

For more tips and best practices on making the most of your P-Card program, check out our comprehensive eGuide.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate National Procurement Month:

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