The Overlooked Value of Outside P-Card Monitoring Service

Business woman viewing outside with binoculars for p-card monitoring service

Your company adopted a purchasing card (P-Card) monitoring service for a reason — actually, for several reasons, and all of them good ones. Convenience, efficiency, simplification, accountability, and cost reduction are all important and desirable benefits that businesses enjoy every day, simply because a decision was made to incorporate P-Cards into their payment processes.

Of course, when a business finds an answer that solves so many problems and provides so many benefits, it just makes good sense to implement it.

Overlooked Value, Underused Wisdom

Yet, these same companies that understand the value of a P-Card program often overlook the value that comes from using an outside P-Card monitoring service, such as Card Integrity.

The truth is, just as it’s prudent to take advantage of all the benefits a P-Card program has to offer, it’s also wise to use a third-party P-Card monitoring service to strengthen that program and retain its helpful benefits.

Benefits Often Overlooked

However, those managing a P-Card monitoring service might not be aware of all the benefits offered by an outside management provider like Card Integrity. “Monitoring” might be an obvious, audit tool, but a monitoring service delivers many benefits that extends the effectiveness of your P-Card program.

Some of the most overlooked benefits include:

Time management. Simply put, Card Integrity’s solutions save time. Company staff spends less time on reviewing, which leaves more time that can be dedicated to analysis and communication.

Consistency. Card Integrity reviews and reports on a consistent monthly basis. No more lax reviewing, missing analytics, or skipping a month here and there. Everything gets covered, every time.

Transparency. A watchful, independent, third-party “eye” helps reduce fraudulent activity from occurring within your program. It also encourages healthy communication across departments.

Confidence. Our solutions promote policy compliance, to create a solid, well-functioning P-Card program.

Accommodation. Card Integrity accommodates a growing card program. As the number of cardholders and transactions increases, we grow as well and continue to deliver complete, consistent service.

Autonomy. Our services work independently, eliminating your need to hire additional staff or acquire additional skills. Nor do any other departments (such as IT) need to be involved. Card Integrity handles our services on our own.

Trust. If there’s any benefit that makes the most sense in a program that handles your company’s finances, it’s the ability to create a real and sustainable atmosphere of trust. As trust in a P-Card program increases, so does the program’s success.

When there is a foundation of trust supporting your P-Card program:

  • More transactions can be allowed.
  • More vendors can be integrated.
  • More cards can be supplied.
  • More users can be trained.
  • More money can be earned via card rewards.
  • More money can be saved via vendor discounts.

P-Card Monitoring Service: Take Advantage of All That’s Available

To create a healthy, strong, successful P-Card monitoring service— one that delivers all the benefits you’ve come to expect —it makes sense to take advantage of everything that will benefit the program itself. Now that you know what benefits are available from Card Integrity and just how important P-Card monitoring services can be to your program, the next step is to put those benefits into motion. To get started, call Card Integrity at 1-630-501-1507 or contact us via our website today.

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