Growing Your Supplier Diversity Spend

Do you track supplier diversity in your spend? Diversity in supplier spend is a business strategy that promotes the organization’s sourcing of goods and services from various suppliers. Watch the video, or read below, to learn about tracking your progress when your supplier diversity is growing.

There is a growing need for supplier diversity – and a noticeable increase in companies making a public commitment to diverse spend.

As the data to track becomes more complex, Card Integrity is here to help you monitor your expenses with diverse suppliers – whether a Historically Underutilized Business or a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise – so you can grow and measure the impact of your supplier diversity program.

Our in-house expense monitoring tool, DataWISE, now includes spend reporting specifically for your diverse supply chain needs.

Your team can now track DBE spend across different departments, compare insights, and see exactly how much you’re spending with each supplier.

Whether compliance is your goal, increasing your impact on underserved communities, or both, we understand that aggregating your expense data in this area is crucial.

This custom-fit reporting solution is easy to implement and breaks you out of the routine of capturing data.

That way, you can focus on measuring insights, growth, and promoting more data-driven decision-making within your organization.

Whether you’re already pursuing a diversified supplier network or are simply thinking about it, don’t wait to discover the benefits of tracking and analyzing that spend in the easiest way possible.

Schedule an online demo today so you can see firsthand how Card Integrity possesses the tools and dedicated team to help monitor your spend effectively.

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