Getting the Word Out: Communicating Policies and Procedures

You’ve taken the time to create policies and procedures that will help your credit card system run as smoothly as possible. Now don’t miss an important next step: Ensuring that your cardholders know those standards.

Your policies and procedures (also known as “P&P”) won’t mean a thing if your cardholders don’t know them or don’t understand them. Communicating this information to them is essential for a successful card program. Whether your business manages a Purchasing Card or a Travel Card, here are some ways to effectively communicate.

Go Digital with Policies and Procedures

In the not-so-distant past, a hard copy, printed manual would have been how information regarding your card program would be disbursed to its users. Now that digital means of communicating are not only possible but commonplace, that’s no longer the case. Ditch the ink and paper and go digital instead. You’ll still create a manual — only this time, “print” it as PDF document that can be shared online. A simple page on a company website or a page on your secure company intranet can be the gateway to share the information with your cardholders. If you want added security, you can require a username and password be entered to access the information.

Training — the Overall Communication Solution

Educating your cardholders is the single most effective way of communicating your P&P. Via training, you can feel secure in knowing that your employees are aware of your standards, and moreover, that they understand them and how they work within the corporate credit card system.

In-person training is effective, but not always practical. Fortunately, Card Integrity offers an extremely customizable and convenient online system of training, so that you can communicate your exact system of policies and procedures to your cardholders, without the burden of tying up your management with added responsibilities and duties. Training can also include important messages about general credit card security or cybersecurity when making payments.

Revisit and Revise Your Communications Regularly

Your card program is never “set it and forget it.” Along the way, mistakes will be made and lessons will be learned — which will require that policies and procedures be adjusted and revised accordingly. Any new information will need to be reformatted and distributed to your cardholders.

Furthermore, your cardholders will come and go. A new hire will need to be informed and instructed of your program’s P&P.

Cardholders who went through initial training years ago, on the other hand, can benefit from regularly scheduled “refresher” training, to help remind them of old standards and review any new ones.

Communicate Often to Ensure Success and Reduce Misuse

New information and new users—both good reasons to continue to communicate on a regular basis. Even better is the reduction of risk. With constant, clear communication, you can help prevent misuse and inappropriate spending within your purchasing card or travel card program. Thanks to Card Integrity’s training solution, you can continue to train and retrain your cardholders with your specific parameters, so there’s never any question of how to use the credit card correctly. Request a TrainingWISE demonstration today!

Discover More Tips

Our new eGuide, “Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence”, provides information on how to identify, communicate, and promote positive purchasing behavior. Customizable print and easy-to-distribute digital certificates for responsible cardholders are also included in the download. Our detailed guide is broken down into 6 distinct categories.

   – Red Flags: Identifying Bad Cardholder Purchasing Behavior
   – Green Flags: Identifying Good Cardholder Behavior
   – 3 Ways to Give Kudos: Promoting Compliance with Positive
   – Let’s Talk: The Importance of Transparency and Communication
   – Discover Solutions
   – BONUS! Customizable print and easy-to-distribute digital
     certificates templates for responsible cardholders

With actionable solutions, this guide has valuable tips and advice that can strengthen your internal controls and processes. To download your copy of the eGuide please fill out the provided form, and a link to a PDF copy of the eGuide will be made available to you.

communicating policies and procedures
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promoting policies and procedures
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