Cardholder Training: Do’s, Don’ts, and Best Practices

On-Demand Webinar Recording (Recorded November 14, 2023)

Training cardholders in your organization on policy can be tricky. This is true for both organizations with a P-Card program or those that issue Travel Cards, Fleet Cards, One Card, etc. Sign up for this free webinar to get insights into cardholder training best practices to keep engagement high and staff aware and compliant.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of online cardholder training
  • Challenges to card policy training
  • Gathering insights
  • Metrics worth tracking
  • Communicating policy
  • And much more!

Additional Training Resources

Learn about TrainingWISE, Card Integrity’s cardholder training service, below.

To learn more about cardholder training in general, check out our blog post:

Commercial Card Training: Best Practices
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