The New Normal: Online Cardholder Training

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This past year, we’ve seen a lot of processes shift from manual or in-person to online. While in-person interaction at your organization will never be completely replaced, one thing we all can’t deny is that virtual training can deliver maximum benefits and require limited resources. 

Training employees on your card program policy is crucial. The new normal that many organizations are adapting to is an online cardholder training program. 

Below are three key reasons why you should consider switching from in-person training to online training followed by some steps to help you transition. 

Current Problems With In-Person Cardholder Training Programs

1. Scheduling and Organizing Can Get Hectic

In-person training comes with its challenges with scheduling being a main obstacle. In order to host a training session, you need to book a room and make sure the event is on everyone’s calendar. Scheduling the training itself may or may not be challenging when you factor in everyone’s unique schedules. You’ll need to work around other meetings that could pose a conflict. Then, also factor in the time and effort spent sending out calendar alerts and reminders. 

2. Limited Ways to Track Employee’s Progress

Training employees in a conference room or classroom-like setting offers very little room to measure retention. Sure, people will be in the room attending the training. But how will you know if they’re really listening and understanding? Online training programs offer features like quizzes and scoring so you can test each person’s knowledge of the material they’re learning.

3. Few Options When Updating Training Material

One of the biggest drawbacks of in-person cardholder training is that it’s nearly impossible to update material without hosting another training session. If one of your suppliers changes or you want to improve certain aspects of the process, it’s not as easy as updating an online course or emailing everyone a training video. Online training programs can serve as a reference library where cardholders always have access to the latest card policies and procedures.

So how do we approach the new normal of online cardholding training for everyone on the team?

Record an Online Event

This is one of the easiest ways to jumpstart a virtual training process. Simply take the material that you would have used for the in-person class and turn it into a video presentation that you can share in a webinar format. 

Whether you’re using Zoom or another video platform, be sure to record the training session so you can send it to everyone and get their feedback. 

Take It a Step Further With an Online Course

While recording a video training is a great start, it still does little to ensure that employees are taking the training seriously and retaining what they’re learning. This is why another great alternative would be to create a training e-course that people can take. 

That way, you can upload videos, materials, examples, and more all to one platform. Some e-course platforms will even allow you to track each student’s progress and offer quizzes after each lesson.

Outsource Cardholder Training

Depending on the nature of your organization and the types of expenses that are monitored regularly, you may need different levels of training. Cardholders don’t necessarily need to know the same information as approvers or account managers. 

Realize that you can always outsource cardholder training to a company like Card Integrity. In addition to expense monitoring services, we also create online cardholder training courses that are customized to fit your organization’s unique card program.

When creating an online training program, we look at all your policies and procedures and create comprehensive training materials. The training course is on-demand, so employees can take it at their own pace.

Let Us Help Take Cardholder Training Off Your Hands

Highly trained employees are less likely to misuse purchasing cards or make mistakes when reporting their expenses and turning in receipts. This can make life much easier for card managers. At Card Integrity, we can take the labor-intensive task of creating a cardholder training program off your hands.

Our Training-Wise service provides a fully customizable online course to train your team on your organization’s card program policies so you don’t have to. Online training also allows cardholders to choose a time/day/place that is convenient for them to complete the course. If you’re ready to step into the new normal and update some of your cardholder training processes, be sure to contact us here or give us a call today at (630) 501-1507.

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