Four important steps to achieving your card program goals

In another article (Setting Goals for a More Successful Card Program), we discussed the importance of defining goals for your card program by applying the attributes of the SMART acronym (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive).

But now that you have goals set for your card program, what are you doing to actually achieve them? What good are goals if they get set, but are never met?

It’s time to apply action and discover the success that comes with achieving your card program goals. In order to do so successfully, consider these four important steps.


Having a long list of goals can be daunting. Unfortunately, when people get overwhelmed, their “flight” reflex often kicks in. Our instincts tell us to flee. So, rather than take on the necessary objectives, a person faced with many goals might instead put tasks off and procrastinate — or even avoid the tasks altogether.

The solution is to simplify. Approach these goals in smaller, more manageable chunks to avoid that feeling of being overwhelmed. Reduce — at least for the time being — the number of goals you plan to complete. Then, break down big goals into smaller steps. Having a smaller amount of goals and steps within those goals can help them feel more manageable, achievable, and realistic.


To properly simplify your goals, you also need to prioritize them. Review your goals to decide which are the most pertinent. Ask yourself: Which goals can’t wait? What needs to be done as soon as possible? What is most important aspect to the success of your card program? What does the program need? What does the program lack that is keeping it from being as efficient and effective as possible?

For many card programs, goals such as reducing overhead expenses, increasing and taking full advantage of rebate opportunities, and preventing fraud might take top priority. For others, getting employees adequately trained in the proper procedures for card use might be most important.

Take a look at your own program’s goals. Figure out which are the most important goals and what steps will need to be taken to make sure that each goal is successfully reached. You’ll find that Card Integrity has several solutions that can help you achieve many — and perhaps even all — of the card program goals you’re hoping to reach. For more information on those services, click HERE.


Once you’ve simplified your goals into your top priorities, you’ll want to focus your energy and actions on achieving those specific goals. The more you can focus on each goal, the more likely you’ll be able to reach it.

Avoid “multi-tasking” on several goals at the same time. While it might feel like you’re being more productive, splintering your attention and actions in many different directions will likely make achieving any one goal more difficult — and more time-consuming.

Instead, focus and spend time on your top-priority goals. Set deadlines for the necessary tasks along the way toward the completion of each goal. Be as specific as possible about what actions are needed to reach your goal, when you’ll reach the goal, and how you’ll measure its success once you get to that point.

As you get to a satisfactory level with each goal (per your predetermined, measurable definitions), you can then move on to the next goal — and then the next.

Remember to make your actions real. Create concrete steps and objectives, and make sure those actions are doable and realistic. Then continue to persevere until you reach each goal.


In simplifying, prioritizing, and focusing on your goals, this is not to suggest that you should abandon any goals. It’s probably safe to say that they all have value and worth. But limited resources can make working on your goals and achieving your card program goals much more difficult.

However, an efficient and effective means of handling several goals simultaneously is to delegate their tasks to a third party, such as Card Integrity. Our solutions are designed to help you improve and strengthen your card program — and ultimately, reach your goals. To learn how we can help you stay on track with your most important and challenging goals, click HERE or contact us today.

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