Ensuring Positive Spending Behaviors With TrainingWISE

Cardholder Training

Cardholder training acts as a great first step in fortifying your card program. Training is one of the most vital controls your commercial card program can implement from the beginning of the cardholder journey. Providing your cardholders with quality training materials and resources will allow them to see, absorb, and truly learn how to utilize their cards best. Card Integrity’s cardholder training service, TrainingWISE, educates cardholders with customized, online cardholder training courses custom-built uniquely around your organization’s policies and procedures to ensure positive spend behaviors from your cardholders.

Training Cardholders For Policy Compliance

Cardholder training plays a crucial role in fraud deterrence and policy compliance. As one of the first steps for cardholders, implementing a quality training course sets a precedent for your organization’s cardholder expectations.

business woman engaged in online policy compliance course

Consistency of Training Courses

Consistent and policy focused, custom courses will empower your employees to spend wisely. Regularly scheduled training is more effective than occasional updates or one time training sessions without follow up sessions.

By offering continuous training with ample access to follow up courses and training materials, Card Integrity’s TrainingWISE emphasizes aligning your cardholder’s training needs with the most recent policies and procedures around your program.

Training Course Building

Forensic and training teams will design the coursework to fit your policies and your brand. It’s important to note that, compliance training is more likely to stay with the employees when videos and interactions are built into the course. Therefore, Card Integrity adds context to training with videos and interactive learning to make remembering policy easier for cardholders.

Cardholder Training Course Follow-Up

Cardholders will enjoy taking a compliance training course when the steps are simple, and the material is easy to remember and understand. And, once cardholders complete training courses, reporting and email notifications ensure that everyone is kept on track with compliance and in control of spend.

Interested in Learning More About TrainingWISE?

Click here to learn more about our TrainingWISE service and, if you are interested, schedule an online cardholder training demonstration with our team to learn firsthand how custom online training courses and resources with Card Integrity’s TrainingWISE can help your organization to spend wisely.

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