Card Integrity Releases New Data Feature, Paving the Way for Positive Spend Culture

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature that will pave the way for a more positive workplace spend culture. Early in March 2023, Card Integrity began offering a new section on customer reports that identify cardholders who are following company policies and spending wisely.

By highlighting cardholders who respect and follow organizational policies, companies can encourage positive spend habits, focusing on building a positive expense culture.

To learn more about this new feature,
read the press release.

Discover More Tips

For more tips on creating a positive spend culture and uplifting good cardholder behavior, check out our free, downloadable eGuide “Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence“. The eGuide provides information on identifying excellent and harmful purchasing behaviors with green and red flags, as well as the best ways to follow up to continue promoting positive purchasing behavior. Along with the eGuide, the download includes customizable and easy-to-distribute digital certificates for recognizing responsible cardholders.

Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence
positive spend certificate
positive spend certificate
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