Travel card validation has the same usefulness as p-card validation – only with added findings specific to travel.

Our monitoring system targets four main travel-related data:

  1. Track excessive per diem amounts
  2. Identify transactions where the preferred travel agency is not used
  3. Filter data for flight or rental car upgrades
  4. Monitor over-spending on hotels

Looking to drill down for more travel details? Our system can handle the rigors of daily travel expenses such as…

  • Checking for non-travel purchases on travel-only cards
  • Search for missing or unusual business purposes
  • Travel expense approvals
  • Personal expenses made on the travel card

Our service side also supports your travel card program with these travel-related services:

  • Email reminders are sent to those who need to submit expense reports in a timely manner
  • Online training for new travel card owners or a refresher course for continuing cardholders

Contact us for an in-depth look at a monitoring tool and service that can promote your program.

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