Our tiered solution mitigates risk, provides savings, and increases visibility to what is often a messy and overwhelming process – your expense card program. Our service covers procurement cards, travel cards, corporate cards, fleet cards whether corporate or personal liability.

Our services:


  • Organize your data, cleaning up mistakes and inconsistencies that are prevalent in the banks’ data
  • Identify both off-policy and on-policy spending
  • Report to levels you deem appropriate from stakeholders to business leaders to managers and employees about the findings
  • Train your cardholders, teaching them what should have been done and being a visible reminder about the rules in place
  • Learn who is exempt from your specific policy guidelines
  • Prioritize what suspected alerts and expense reports need additional attention
  • Track and quantify activity by cardholder, policy, supplier, category and 65 other ways.


If that sounds robust and thorough – it is. Working as a SaaS (software as a service) we maintain constant vigilance regarding your card programs, pushing information out to the various stakeholders when appropriate.  See our products page for many more details.


What is software as a service?

Data-Wise combines the efficiency of technology with the strategic knowledge of purchasing, security, and financial professionals.

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