P-Card Program Benefits

Whether looking to expand an existing P-Card program or build a more efficient business process, Card Integrity will help you move forward through 100% data monitoring and strategic insights from our business consulting team. Learn more about the benefits of working with Card Integrity:

P-Card program cardholders
  • Fraud prevention
  • Risk mitigation
  • Transparency
  • Policy Compliance
  • Educated Cardholders
  • Increased Cost Savings
  • Digitized Receipts
  • P-Card Expansion

    Less Data Crunching  We monitor your P-Card spend, and provide ongoing reports that allow for quick, easy access to the details that mean the most to you. No more long hours spent sifting through thousands of data transactions. Your audit and purchasing teams can now focus on more strategic issues.

    Cost Savings Ongoing 100% data monitoring makes finding card misuse and off-contract spend simple. That equates to large-scale cost savings on annual card expenditures.

    Improved Security  No one wants to see their name in the news for fund mismanagement, let alone suffer the consequences. With Card Integrity, you can have confidence that your procurement card program is under control.

    No Strings Attached Card Integrity is NOT a card issuer or affiliated with any bank. You can change your corporate card provider at any time. We work with all P-Card programs.

    Personalized Service  Our dedicated forensic team of purchasing and audit professionals works with you to assess needs and design custom reports that get to the heart of your business goals and objectives. Call our team anytime. The personal touch is just one of the things that makes Card Integrity unique.

    No Tech Investment  Card Integrity is truly a Software As A Service. We house the technology. There is no tech investment needed on your part. Our in-house Data-WiseTM system does the heavy lifting, while our consultants handle the finer details. Learn more about our proprietary software capabilities.

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