Learn the Difference between P-Card Misuse, Abuse, and Fraud

prevent fraud misuse abuse

Misuse, abuse, and fraud — all three terms refer to the improper use of purchasing cards (also known as P-Cards).

But it’s extremely important to realize that these terms are NOT interchangeable. Knowing the subtle differences in their definitions — what these acts are and why they occur — can help you recognize such behavior and prevent it from happening in the future.

To learn more about how misuse, abuse, and fraud differ and what can be done about each, click HERE to read “P-Card Misuse, Fraud, and Abuse —What’s the Difference?”

Prevent Fraud with Card Integrity Solutions

To find out more how Card Integrity services can help identify and prevent misuse, abuse, and fraud in your P-Card program, click HERE to visit our Solutions page, click HERE to contact us online, or call us at 630-501-1507.

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