Here is a roundup of key fraud and misuse news within the last month:

Big Ten University 

Former financial specialist with the university housing department used a work purchasing card to pay for items for his own use and for his personal business. Purchases were made from stores like Menards, Walmart, and Amazon. Some specific purchases include: furniture, kitchenware, tools, a security camera system, rental truck services, water heater, countertop, and more. Click here to read the full story.


Former top-ranking official charged more than $60,000 to state-issued purchasing cards. Examples of purchases included: a dining set, corn hole game set, lounge chairs, 65- inch ultra HD smart TV, and a motion-sensor trash can. Improper charges were covered by changing the description of items purchases and changing the location of where items were shipped when filing required paperwork. Cards assigned to other co-workers were also used in the act. To continue reading, click here.

Big Ten University

The university’s athletic department has been failing for years when it comes to employees not following financial procedures. Though there was no evidence of fraud, auditors discovered that athletic directors have not been regularly reviewing department finances, university-issued credit cards have been misused, and complimentary game tickets have been used improperly. For the full story, click here.

Health Services

Former Chief Operating Officer has been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The corporate credit card was used to purchase expensive gifts for a significant other, daughter’s equestrian events, and personal trips (including the Virgin Island and Canada).¬† Click here to read the full story.

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