Managing expense reviews, whether for a card program or other expenses, is tricky enough when monitoring for compliance or ensuring the right controls are in place. Handling other expense review challenges can make the work even more unbearable. 

Take a closer look at the top challenges to achieving compliance or finding efficiencies in the review process. 

Here are several challenges that we have found finance managers, procurement directors, and even card administrators battle most often in their monthly review of expense data.

Multiple Expense Data Systems

Working with multiple systems when monitoring expenses can make the review downright difficult.

Rubber-stamping the Approval Process

Your finance team needs support across divisions or departments to thoroughly check expenses and not to rubber-stamp approval.

A Slow Review Due to Manual Processes

When expense transactions number in the thousands or hundred of thousands per month a manual expense review can slow down the entire process.

Overcome expense hurdles

Discover the expense solutions by Card Integrity that provide your team with innovative ways to overcome expense review challenges.

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